Here’s what participants are saying about Journey Conversations . . .

As a spiritual writer, I find myself paying close attention to thinkers who can explore the deep things of the heart and ground them in research and practice. Diane Millis is one of the best I’ve seen at making this connection of mind and spirit.  Her sessions move me profoundly.
–John Backman, Author, Why Can’t We Talk?

Journey Conversations is a spiritual and humanistic experience that enables and allows participants to silence “life’s noise” and be quiet with one’s thoughts, experiences, beliefs and feelings. Time spent with Dr. Millis, our facilitator, offered participants pathways to affirm spiritual self-knowledge, questioning, sharing and learning. Dr. Millis’ gift of helping us suspend the boundaries that typically disconnect us from each other is palpable. Dr. Millis is technically and artfully astute at leading soulful and compassionate interfaith communication; she is a difference maker. The Journey Conversations program model and workshop are one “seed” with promise to produce an interfaith harvest on campus; our care and commitment to continue the work could be transformational. I appreciated the time Dr. Millis spent with our campus ministers and know that our students found her to be both credible and soulfully generous. We have a new way forward for rich interfaith dialogs in the upcoming months thanks to Journey Conversations.
–Rebecca L. Weidensaul, Ph.D.
Associate Dean of Students, Student Life, Drexel University

A lot of the times, being a Muslim I have felt like I had to explain things to people and often times even be defensive. But journey conversations allowed me to share my story and hear other peoples’ stories in an open environment where I didn’t feel like I had to explain technical things about Islam and defend my beliefs. I would describe it as an eye opening experience. And it certainly gives hope that different religions can co-exist and understand each other, because as college students, as human beings we have very similar/ common needs and we are not alone, even if we are in doubt there is someone out there who will understand.
— Aaidha Majdhy, college student

My experience of the Journey Conversations process was one of expanding circles of connection. In the workshop I attended a man shared the story of his unfolding journey of struggling for justice for women in his community and beyond. I heard echoes of my own experience and was reconnected with my own story. Through his sharing I felt connected to him and his story. I felt connected to those who listened with me in the circle though I had not met them before. Finally, I felt connected to women around our globe and those who struggle with them for dignity.
— Mary Anona Stoops, minister and spiritual director affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (USA)

Thank you for creating a book that will take our conversations to a sacred, deeper place–both in ministry and in our lives!  Thank you for bringing this book to life at our event–immediately enriching our conversations and inviting us to imagine how we can be more fully present to others and to God, while also being present to ourselves!
–Denise Floe, Small Group Ministry, Incarnation Lutheran Church

This was one of the best workshops I’ve ever attended at a conference.  Diane was articulate, knowledgeable, and engaging.
–Kristen Hobby, Spiritual Director’s International