Join Us on the Journey

At the Journey Conversations Project, we have created a set of tested resources for developing dialogue, deep listening, and discernment.



Diane Millis’s passion for helping us relate to ourselves, one another, and the divine Presence on a deeper level has led to her valuable research, teaching, and culminating articulation in this book of how we can be together in a crucial way for our own and for others’ sake, and ultimately for the peace of the world. What she offers us is both a mature understanding of who we most deeply are and how we can bring that refreshing and liberating depth into our relationships. I expect that everyone who reads this book will be left with a larger sense of how conversation can become a soul-inspiring sacred art.

–From the Foreword written by Rev. Tilden Edwards, PhD, Founder and Senior Fellow, Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation



Pause, Ponder, and Practice Listening to the Sound of the Genuine

Listening through all the noise in our lives to the sound of what is most genuine requires discipline. A resource for both individuals and small groups, Deepening Engagement offers a tool kit of wisdom teachings for personal reflection and small group conversation.

Each chapter opens with an inspirational quotation or poem, with which you are invited to pause. This is followed by a reflective essay and evocative questions to ponder. The chapter concludes with a suggested activity to practice in your daily life.